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    LAM BioTechnology Limited

    Founded by senior chemists and marketing experts in 2016, LAM BioTechnology is specialised in the design, synthesis, sales and outsourcing of organic compounds for the 2N-5N metal chemicals, high purity MOCVD chemicals, , API and Intermediates, material chemical products. We

     聯系電話:+852-8191 6627


    Maidan Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Maidan Chemicals has a remarkable history as a supplier in the Chemicals industry, especially in the ssd solution area. Maidan Chemicals first office, which is also its headquarters, was opened in 2003 in Poltava Ukraine. Our team of 50 is very detail-oriented and has many succes

    Landmark Nutraceuticals HK Co., Limite

    Landmark Nutraceuticals HK Co., Limited - is one of the innovative and high-tech company in steroid hormone fields in China, who has engaged in R&D, production and marketing for more than 10 years. Ever since its foundation,Landmark enterprise invests much funds for perfect equ

    Thien Viet Chemical co.,Ltd

    Thien Viet Chemical Company Limited put our prestige on the top. We specialize in supplying materials and chemicals for - Pharmaceutical and Veterinary - Food - Cosmetic - Fertilizer - Other industry chemicals... We also provide other services as follo


    恒律發展有限公司是經杜拉纖維生產廠家授權的中國地區總經銷商。以優質的服務, 向社會提供優質的產品,與建筑界各方面人士共創優質工程。



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